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17 April, 2005
Hello everyone. Did you do your taxes? If you haven't it's too late now, watch for guys in black suits talking into their sleeves. This is the new West Ski Team webmaster, Anson. If you have any ideas for new postings feel free to click on the webmaster link up at the top of your screen.

Currently, Holly is wandering the depths of the South American rainforest, most likely getting lost.  When I get an actual location for her I'll  put up a "Where in the World is Holly" map.  Sometime soon there will be a summer training plan on the website for those of you not in Winterstars/APU/Team Alaska or whatever.

29 March, 2005

E-mail from Jane Sauer and from Coach to next year's skiers.
Hello Ski Team Parents,

First of all, I apologize for forwarding that OLD email about park bonds. (Let me explain: my kids had been on my computer and had opened that old message to get an email address from it. When I sat down at my computer, that message was still opened and I figured those darn kids were once again reading my emails--a common occurrence-- and that it was a new message. I forwarded it to all of you before realizing it was from last year. Just one more reason why I should keep my kids away from my desk (and/or why I should read emails carefully before forwarding)!

For those of you who wanted to be informed about the parent meeting that was held before spring break, here is a summary:

As Holly explained in her "Adios" email, she would like to come back as coach next season but needs to find a supplemental job to earn enough income and hopefully some benefits in order to support her coaching habit. If you have any ideas, let her know. Louisa is in pretty much the same boat. We are hopeful that we will have both of them back next year.

The booster club will order team jackets for next season for skiers who do not have their own jacket. The jackets will be exactly the same as the ones sold this past year. These jackets will be checked out to skiers at the beginning of the season and checked back in at the end of the season, just like the racing suits. Skiers still be able to purchase their own jackets, at cost, just as in prior years. And, we will also sell jackets to parents and other supporters, again at cost (appx. $110). If you or your skier would like to purchase one of the team jackets next fall, please email me the size you would like to buy so we know what to order. We will be placing the order during the summer.

We will also use funds to purchase some ski equipment for skiers who do not have their own equipment. Again, this stuff will be loaned to skiers during the ski season.

Diane Moxness has volunteered to be the webmaster for the "Parent" page on the ski team website. (Her son, Anson, will be the webmaster for the ski team website.) So, in addition to emailed pleas for help, we will have an updated list of parent volunteer positions that still need to be filled on that parent page that you will be able to check. More on that next season.

That's about it. Thank you.

Dear West athletes, parents, and supporters,

I am writing to say thank you and goodbye for now as I lam leaving tomorrow afternoon for South America. I've spent a great week in Seattle visiting with family and friends, running, hiking, and road biking and its time for the next step of my adventure. I hear that you guys got a few new inches of snow today and there was good skiing. I hope that some of you took advantage of that.

I'm excited that some of you are planning to do a bit of summer training- its going to make all the difference in next year's season. Hopefully someone will be able to put together a few summer activities, either roller ski demos and/or team BBQs to keep the spirit and motivation high. In the meantime, stay active and keep in touch! I will be kicked off Whitman email soon so I have a new address. brooksha [at] gmail [dot] com Feel free to send me an email whenever and I will definetly write you back- it just may take a while. I'll also be sending Anson, (the new webmaster) a few updates about my trip. Check the website if you're interested.

Happy spring and thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication this year.


p.s. Seniors-where are the emails that you promised me? I want to know what you'll be doing next year!


16 March, 2005
Tomorrow, at 7.00 PM, there will be a parent meeting to discuss activities / support for next year. The meeting will be at the downton City Market at 13th and "I" street. Also, there will be utensils left over from the banquet for pick-up there.

9 March, 2005
Check the JO results!
I've gotten a couple Valentine's Relay photos up now.

8 March, 2005
Have a very pleasant International Women's Day.

7 March, 2005
Some State photos are up now. I've more Region IV and Valentines Relay pics to post...soon. I hope.
The Junior Nationals results are here: http://www.fasterskier.com/racing2070.html.

6 March, 2005
It was great to see people racing today, and to see people helping at the station by Westchester! Thanks a lot!
To Anson and Daniel: As soon as I figure out what to do with the server, and what ASD will allow me to get away with on their servers, I'll give you guys the stuff for the site.

26 Feb'ry, 2005
See everybody at the Banquet tomorrow. Juniors need to arrive early to help set up, while freshmen need to expect to stay late to help clean up.

26 Feb'ry, 2005
I'm so elated!
Welcome back guys!

25 Feb'ry, 2005
The plane from State comes in Saturday evening. I think that the flight number is Alaska Airlines 180, and the arrival time is about 6.oo PM. If you know otherwise, please correct me.
Second, the Estes lost their sled.
"SOS! We left our (new) black sled at the East relay with the drink jugs and
bench. Please let us know if you have it. We would be happy to pick it up.
Kathy & Bill Estes"

I saw it there, although I don't know what became of it afterwards.

24 Feb'ry, 2005
The Hulens sent information regarding the banquet, uniform returns, and the Tour of Anchorage. If you lost it or didn't get it, click here.
I got the first of several Regions pictures posted. I also turned some in to Ms. Pozzi for the yearbook.
And finally, unofficial race results from state are available at http://www.nscfairbanks.net/competition/competition.html. I'll post them when they're final.

21 Feb'ry, 2005
State Skiers: Holly says to take today or yesterday off. If you took yesterday off, ski today, for no more than an hour.
Tomorrow will be an important practise. Stay healthy.

20 Feb'ry, 2005
From April Cook Dear Parents travelling to FBX and West Team Boosters:
The time for departure to FBX is close.
Diane Moxness and I are co-ordinating the parents and Boosters meals. SHe has offered her room for kitchen and dining.
I had hoped to meet w/ folks who were around after the races and awards yesterday. We do not have a clear head count of attendees and some of Boosters indicated a preference for "doing our own meals." Sounds great in theory, but to do that, you need wheels, and, for those of you who have been to Birch Hill, it is out of town. So, packing lunches, water, etc., would be a really good idea. Since tomorrow is an ASD holiday, it would be a great day to do a COSTCO run, have a little baking session, etc.
William, do you have a head count? Parents, can you pls let me know if you plan to go and we can also get a head count?
Thx much,

19 Feb'ry, 2005
Way to go. Results are up.

18 Feb'ry, 2005
Bus leaves West at 9.15 tomorrow morning. Actually, Holly's letter says 9.oo, but she said 9.15 today. Good luck everyone.

17 Feb'ry, 2005
From Holly:
Hello West Parents and Supporters!

We are nearing the home stretch of the season and for many of your kids, the regional races will be the last race of the season. We previewed the courses at Kincaid today and its in great shape. I am very glad that we can have at least one race at the main venue this year! As always, there are many pertinent details about the upcoming weekend. I will go in chronological order:

Tomorrow, Thursday~
Pre-race prep day. We will be waxing. All skiers should bring BOTH skate and classic skis to wax. If you have extra wax benches, forms, irons, extension cords, etc that would be a great help. The earlier you can bring them, the better. Kids can bring running shoes as there will be a short, optional jog. Most of the athletes will be taking a day "off." Please encourage your son/daughter to be in the weight room for the mandatory 2:30 meeting. If you are interested in seeing a start list, it is posted on the NSAA website, anchoragenordicski.com

Friday, Individual Classic Race, boys 7.5k, girls 5k~
Those registered to race will have an early dismissal from school at approximately 9:45. People who aren't racing aren't excused from school. The bus is scheduled to arrive at Kincaid by 10:30 in time for a noon start. NOTE TO POTENTIAL WAXERS: I am expecting the wax to be more difficult than it has been in past races. Any help testing and waxing would be much appreciated. The last weather report I saw called for a low of 16 degrees and a high of 35. I am guessing that we will be using either a sticky hard wax or klister! The starts are two skiers leaving every 30 seconds. The order is Boys A&B, Girls A&B, Boys C-f, Girls C-f.

Athletes are expected to ride the bus to and from Kincaid. On Friday night there will be the final spaghetti feed at the Mcmahon residence (?)

Saturday, Skate Relay Day. Boys 4x5k, Girls 4x3k~
The bus will leave West at 9am. The order for the day is 10:30 Girls Open, 10:35 Boys Open, 11am Girls A&B, C-D, Boys A&B, C&D, E-I will follow all together. There will be awards after the completion of the race for both days. On Saturday we are scheduled to help clean-up Kincaid along with Service, East, and South. It would be great to have helpers.

Lets end this season with a BANG. Volunteers, cheerers, any way we can boost team spirit is highly appreciated. Once again signs, noise makers, etc, etc are completely welcome. Come wearing school colors! (You know you like them!)

FYI: We have some special seniors, most of whom will be racing their last high school race. They are:
Fiona Worcester, Jordan O'Connell , Jenny Wooly, William Tuovinen, Jeff Wiltsey, Nat Wilson, Matt Cameron, Cale Jorgensen, and Sean Doody. Please let me know if I forgot to mention anyone.

It isn't too early to begin thinking about the end of the season banquet. Both Louisa and I are leaving town shortly after ski season. We will set a date for the banquet soon. If anyone has ideas for a venue large enough for 70 skiers and their families please let me know. Also, if anyone wants to create and be on a "banquet committee" that would be great. I think that the end of the season banquet truly has the potential to set the tone and motivation for the upcoming year. I do not have time to plan the whole thing with State and Junior Olympics on the horizon. The team captains will also be doing a bunch of the planning.

Many skiers have shown interest in traveling to the State meet in Fairbanks to show support for our team. I think it would be great to have a bunch of teammates there. However, there are many logistics that go into making this work. Many of you have asked me a bunch of questions, hopefully this will help you.

West administrators said that if both the parents and coach excused team members to travel to state it would be okay to miss school. This is a personal decision between you and your son or daughter.

Fairbanks in far away and those of us going to compete are flying. Due to the distance this trip entails transportation, lodging, and food- don't forget supervision. I will be completely engrossed with waxing and organizing the 12 racers who are competing at State and will NOT be responsible for any other West Ski Team Member. I would love others to show up but all of my energy is directed to the racers. Other members of the team will not be allowed to stay in the varsity rooms or eat the varsity food. Please understand this is not trying to be exclusive, but rather give the athletes the focus and space they need to perform their best.
So, I think it would be great if there was a parent (preferably whose son or daughter isn't competing) who would be willing to do a bit of organizing for those who want to attend in support. Please let me know if you are interested so I know who to direct people too. If you are wanting more details about the state meet check out asaa.org. Go to cross-country skiing.

I think that is all I have to say right now. (Sorry for the saga) Please come out and volunteer, cheer hard. The kids have been working hard and they deserve lots of support. (Photographers are always needed too!)

Call the hotline often and see you soon,

16 Feb'ry, 2005
Dress up tomorrow. Meeting at 2.3o in the weight room.
The spaghetti feed will be on Friday at Julia's house.

15 Feb'ry, 2005
Reminder: there will be circuits at 6.15 in the weight room tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow we'll be back at Kincaid. Skate and classic are both possibilities.

12 Feb'ry, 2005
I've got the highlighted results now. I'm hoping for some great pictures to put up.

11 Feb'ry, 2005
Bus leaves West at 8.45; show up around 8.30 or so. Uniform? Costume? Skis? Poles? Warm clothes?

10 Feb'ry, 2005
Love the snow, but cancelling practise was a bit disappointing. Hopefully as many as people as possible got to go ski or run on their own or in groups.
Tomorrow there will be practise whether or not there is school. And we need 12 line poems.

9 Feb'ry, 2005
Skiing tomorrow will either be at Russian Jack or Kincaid, depending on the status of grooming.
We need to come up with a 12 line love poem referring to the other teams and volunteers for the race.
Holly's most recent letter is on the Parent's page.

8 Feb'ry, 2005
Nice snow, isn't it?
Belated congratulations to all the skiers who raced this weekend!
Tomorrow will probably be a slower, gentler practise. There's a good chance that it'll be either classic or skate.

7 Feb'ry, 2005
Luisa's back!
We're probably skating tomorrow, after everybody cleans up the ski room. It's a mess, really.
And think snow!

5 Feb'ry, 2005
Results for the Besh races can be found here:
See everybody Monday!

3 Feb'ry, 2005
Sorry about the buses today - that was just bad luck. Hopefully everybody made the best of the situation.
Good luck to everybody in Fairbanks right now; best of wishes!
There will be no official practise tomorrow, but skiing in groups would be good. If anybody wants to set up a carpool, e-mail me and I'll post your message here. Otherwise, just spread the word tomorrow.

2 Feb'ry, 2005
Happy Birthday Daniel!

1 Feb'ry, 2005
Reminder of circuits tomorrow morning.
Update: Latest news from holly on the parent's page.

31 January, 2005
On Wednesday, there will be morning circuits at 6.15 AM.
There will be no official practise on Friday because Holly and many skiers will be driving to Fairbanks for Besh Cups. It would be cool if some of us could organise a car pool and go to Russian Jack or Hilltop after school.
See you tomorrow - keep it kilter now!

29 January, 2005
Highlighted results are on the sidebar. See y'all Monday.
If you have photos, give to me. I'll also make an honest attempt to get more pictures posted tomorrow.

Dear Parents, Volunteers, and Skiers,

This upcoming weekend, the West Ski Team is co-hosting the "Skiathlon", a pursuit style race which includes a classic mass start, a transition area where skiers will trade classic equipment for skate equipment, and a skate race to the finish. This is an exciting new format which is used in national and world cup level events as well as Anchorage high school races! It is my goal to make this the most fun high school race yet- with your help that is possible.

As the event co-host (with South) we will need volunteers to help out with specifics of the race. However, we will also need LOTS of help with the West team. Just as this race has the potential to be the most fun, it is guaranteed to be the most complicated. On Friday skiers will have to glide wax both their classic and skate skis. On Saturday we will need help with kick wax, (possibly klister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) getting kids to the start in time, someone to organize and man the transition area, people to ride the bus, snacks, drinks, taking pictures, people cheering on the course, etc. My hope is that West is the most energetic, spirited team out there. (big, obnoxious signs and bullhorns are okay!) This weekend is especially needy because both Louisa and Ben are out of town. In addition to my coaching responsibilities, I need to make sure the event as a whole is going smoothly.

More on Friday:
I have seen a huge decline in pre-day wax help since the New Year. Yes, it is getting easier because the skiers are becoming more comfortable with waxing their own skis. However, because we have twice as many skis to wax, (78x2=156) we could really use your help. We will need as many extra benches, forms, irons, and extension cords as possible. My goal is to be done by 6:30 when we will head to Anson's house for a special, (surprise themed) spaghetti feed.

I have been trying to get scrappers with "Skiathlon 2005" engraved on them. However, the people who distribute the scrappers, (I was trying to get clear ones so the design would show through) won't call me back. If you have an idea for awards and could help get them made, (we do have some money) please contact me. I would like to have awards for top ten varsity/jv and top three for C and Open. Anyone below JV usually goes unrecognized and I think it would be cool if they could get an award as well. Also, if anyone owns or has access to a big stereo/mic system that we could use that would be great. I would love to have pump-up music and a microphone for announcements. Maybe NSAA has something like this already that we could use?

As many of you know, this past weekend many of us traveled to Soldotna to participate in the Besh Cup races. Typically these races have been geared towards those trying to qualify for Junior Olympics. However, I think that everyone who went would agree that they are fun races and the opportunity to travel with other skiers is awesome. The next (and final) Besh cups are in Fairbanks the weekend of February 5th and 6th. I think it would be great if we could get a large WEST turn-out. Now is the time to start making travel arrangements, sign-up for the races, etc. Perhaps in years to come we can think about all traveling together, renting a house, etc......... Just a thought.

Saturday Night:
I know, ski team overload! But.... Saturday night, Juniors and seniors who are interested in skiing in college, (at any level, not just NCAA) are wel come to come over to my house for college talk, pizza, and a sauna party. 6:30 pm
~ See sign up on ski room door.

That's it for now. See you all soon! Email or call with questions.
~Coach Holly

#1 priority right now is awards! If we could get something other than a traditional medal that would be great

Happy New Years!

I hope that everyone had fun and restful breaks because its time to get back into the swing of things! I wish that the weather would cooperate but in the meantime, I would like to make sure that we are doing everything possible to increase our level of fitness and team spirit. Eventhough it was incredibly icey we had a fun practice at Hilltop today. It was good to practice relay handoffs for this upcoming weekend's race, the skate sprint relays!

A few details about the race:

~We will wax for Saturday's race on Friday, there will be a spaghetti feed afterwards. Please bring extra benches, forms, irons, and extention cords to make this process go quickly. I have been super impressed with the help and effort so far, lets keep it up!
~The race location is changed to Bartlett High School. Bartlett is the host for this race and apparently they have more snow than we do at either Hillside or Kincaid. Get excited to check out a new venue.
~The format for this race is 2x2x2 meaning that we will have teams of two skiers who each ski a 2-kilometer course twice. It should be very exciting!! (Please take video and pictures- if you take digitial pictures, please send them to Nat, our Webmaster- who by the way is doing a spectacular job with our website!)
~Steller kids: I know that you guys are immersed in intensives right now- what a cool program! We miss you at practice. I just wanted to say that we still expect you guys to race in Saturday's race! Tomorrow at practice is the ABSOLUTE LATEST to tell me that you aren't racing. So far, there is only one skier who has communicated this to me. I am assuming that everyone else will be there and stolked to ski fast!

$$Our Fundraiser$$

We are either at or incredibly close to our fundraising goal of over 5,000!!!! Congratulations to everyone and their hard work! I would like to give a special thank you to Will Estes who raised over 700 dollars. Also, To Anson Moxness who has raised over 500! Anson has been the inspiration and hard worker behind this effort. He has put in countless hours organizing, collecting money, corresponding with the NCCSEF people- If you see Anson, please give him a large "Thank You!" Because of everyone's hard work West will be able to have fast skis! (and maybe some team jackets in the near future!) If you haven't collected all your pledges, don't think that its too late! We will always take more money! If you want to go out and solicit more donations that would be cool too. I'm proud of all of you.

Senior Nationals

Two West skiers, Fiona and Max are racing at Soldier Hollow right now. THere is a huge field of the Nations best skiers down there, a really cool scene. If you want to follow their progress go to fasterskier.com

Thanks for the continuous spirit and hard work. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work,

28 January, 2005
Skate skis, classic skis, warm-up skis, boots, poles, uniform, warm clothes. See you tomorrow! Bus leaves West at 9.oo.

27 January, 2005
Ski meeting at 2.3o on Friday. Be on time.
Everybody should dress up tomorrow. It would be really nice if more people did so. Cale's thinking of an incentive for people to dress up, or rather, a punishment for not doing so. And it'll probably hurt.
We need parent volunteers for the race Sat. and for waxing Fri.
Hopefully everybody planning on doing ID theft got a call tonight.
Cory, Max, or William, I need a team roster if you have one. Thanks!
See you at Anson's house for the spaghetti feed!

26 January, 2005
Tomorrow is absolutely the last day to tell coach if you know that you won't be racing.
Sign up for the identity theft...thing, and the college info session at Holly's.
We need as many parent's as we can get to volunteer at the race.

25 January, 2005
If you didn't do intervals today, you can tomorrow. We will classicalate.
Circuits will be at West at 6.3o AM. Apparently, Mr. Lynch is okay will skiers using the laboratory safety shower in SCI-1 before class, if you can't get into the locker room.
I have the newest letter from coach on the Parent's page. Everybody should read it.
Um, sorry if the page appears a little funny every once in a while tonight -- I'm trying to work out a bug. Rather than do English. Eh.
Update: Argh! Computers are anal pieces of...oh wait...there it goes.

24 January, 2005
I know that I'm late. More Bartlett photos have been posted, including the infamous "Lexy is Sexy" ones. I hope to soon get up some photos by the Hulens, some photos from Chugiak by Coach Holly, and some team pictures. If you have given me pictures that I didn't mention, send me an e-mail because I forgot.
Congratulations to everyone who was in Soldotna!
We are hosting the next race, the Skiathalon, this Saturday. It's usually at Kincaid, but who knows...?

20 January, 2005
There will be no official practise tomorrow, but everybody is encouraged to get out and ski. Maybe a group can meet at 3.oo at Hilltop?
I wish everybody going to Besh cups great luck!

19 January, 2005
I finally got the Cook Inlet Cup Standings posted.
Skating tomorrow. Good luck on finals.

18 January, 2005
Tomorrow, wear your ugliest ski suit. Try to be uglier than Holly.
Also, there will be circuits in the weight room at 6.25. Recommended for all, and virtually required for varsity.
I don't actually like finals all that much.

17 January, 2005
Good morning.
I have a lot of pictures. More than I know what to do with right now. I'll be posting more when ever I have time, probably over the next week or so. Thanks a lot to all the people who gave them to me.
There is one new gallery up now.
Update: Ugh...having tech problems. I'll get them up as soon as I can. Okay, got it fixed.
Coach Louisa put together a spreadsheet for percent back for individual skiers for the season thus far. It's pretty cool stuff. You can find it, along with an explanation of how to use it, on the sidebar to the left.

15 January, 2005
I have the results up - sorry that it took a while. Congratulations to Lex!
Right. So if you drop something while racing, don't go back to pick it up. I fell and my hat came off. A few seconds after righting myself and skiing away, I noticed that my head seemed cold. Idiot that I am, I turned around, skied back, tried, and failed to retrieve my hat. A parent brought it to the finish line for me - I'd like to thank him.

14 January, 2005
The bus will leave West at 8.45 PM. Do you have your skate skis? Skate poles? Skate boots? Uniform? A snack?
See you all tomorrow morning.

13 January, 2005
There will be a meeting at 2.3o PM tomorrow in the weight room. Also, because this is the day before a race, you must wear nice clothes. Must. Imperative. Required.
The race will, I hear, be at Mirror Lake. It will be 10k for boys A and B, and 7.5k for everybody else. I remember back in the day when all boys *hrrm* men had to ski 10k.
That all I can think of at the moment. Um, return wax and corks if you have them. I'm sure that I'm forgetting something else - but no worries.

11 January, 2005
Tomorrow will be skate at Hillside.
Also, I think I'm going to start posting daily ("occasional") pictures on the front page.

11 January, 2005
Bartlett split times are up.

10 January, 2005
More classic tomorrow, probably at Russian Jack. And, uh, sorry for playing Ultimate. We probably shouldn't have done that.
Should have some new pictures up soon. Oo! And Coach Holly's picture is now posted.

9 January, 2005
We will be bussing out on Monday. Bring classics, skates, and shoes in the event that we have to do dryland. Spread the word.

9 January, 2005
Incomplete results were posted late last night. I now have complete, highlighted results up.
By the way, the website is up to 3 000 visits in the past year. See you all tomorrow.

8 January, 2005
Yeah, I'm waiting for the results to be posted too.

6 January, 2005
The rumour is that the race is now at Russian Jack. Check the hotline for updates.
Tomorrow everyone is expected to wear either nice shirts and ties or skirts or nice pants. Anyone who doesn't owes Cale a bag of Swedish Fish. We will be waxing for the race and probably doing some light cardio.
We made $6 003 from the Ski-A-Thon! Awesome! Thank Anson.

5 January, 2005
The meet this weekend is, for now at least, moved to Bartlett. Check the hotline for updates.
Update:I have the new letter from coach posted on the Parent's Section. Also, I updated Coach Louisa's contact information and spread a notice from April Cook via e-mail.

4 January, 2005
First post of the new year!
We will try to skate intervals tomorrow, if there's still any snow....
Tomorrow is also the absolute last day to give Anson money.
William and Lex will be holding a...fundraiser...for tsunami relief. You can give them money too, tomorrow.
Ugh; bad weather, isn't it?

28 December, 2004
I've finally got the Ski-A-Thon pictures posted.
Remember to collect Ski-A-Thon money and to look at the schedule for practises.
Opps, this was sent last Friday:
Anson's address; get the Ski-A-Thon money to him.
Diane Moxness (aka Anson's Mother-Unit)
1213 S Street Anchorage AK 99051

Dear Parents and Friends of the West High Ski Team,

On Monday, December 20th, the West High School ski team will be holding our primary fundraiser for the year, the "Skiathon." This is a fundraiser that benefits both the West Ski team and the National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation. (NCCSEF is a foundation that promotes X-C skiing development in America.) Swix, the sponsor of this event, is offering a bunch of great prizes...such as t-shirts, racing poles, high fluro waxes, and technique videos...for athletes who participate.

This fundraiser is important for a number of reasons: We have purchased a bunch of great, new things this year that need to be paid for. The team now owns four radios so coaches can communicate out on the trails. This is important for giving splits, and for safety. (We also purchased a palm pilot for splits.) Thanks to Martin Hansen, we are getting a team tent which will serve as a central waxing station and meeting point at races. (Many parents graciously donated money to help with this one.....thanks!) I have also purchased a lot of wax and tools that will keep your kids' skis running as fast as possible! In the near future, we would like to purchase team jackets that would be loaned out at the beginning of the year like the rest of the uniform. Other teams have this, we do not.

Here is what the team is asking you to do: Please encourage your athlete(s) to call family members, take a spin around the neighborhood, or ask your co-workers for donations and/or pledges for our Skiathon. A pledge form is attached to this email. People can pledge a certain amount of money per-kilometer skied or a flat donation. I encourage athletes to ask for a flat donation, that can be collected on the spot, rather than a per-kilometer amount, which would require going around again after the fact and trying to collect money.

Our team goal is to raise Five Thousand Dollars. I know this may sound like a lot but, if you divide $5,000 by the 78 members of the ski team, it works out to $64.10 per skier. Considering that some of our skiers have already raised a lot more than that (for example, Anson who has already raised over $500!!!), I think that it is a realistic goal. Who knows, maybe we can even raise more!?!

With one of the largest ski teams in West's history, we need a budget to perform comfortably and safely. West is a young team with a lot of talent and amazing team spirit. Please help us meet our goal!

Coach Holly

PS... More Skiathon details to follow soon. Please set aside Monday the 20th to participate. (Note to Skiers: Attendance this day is mandatory unless you already have plans to be out of town- in this case, athletes are still expected to raise money. Downhill skiing is NOT a legitimate excuse!) The actual Skiathon will be limited to about 2 hours, probably 11am-1pm. There was talk about a BBQ. Then the kids are planning on going caroling as a team and having a White Elephant gift exchange. All in all, it should be a fun day! As always we will need some volunteer help!

Thanks again!

Parent and Volunteers!

Its time to race again! The annual Lynx Loppet Invitational is this coming Friday and Saturday! This race is a fun one; seven teams from outside of the Anchorage School District will be joining us so it will be a HUGE field! At the Service race last weekend we set a record of 395 skiers for the largest ASD race ever. West was a large part of that and a great presence out on the trails! We hope to have an even larger percentage of participation in the future.

The Lynx Loppet is a pursuit style race meaning that there is a classic, interval start race on Friday and a skate race on Saturday. Your start time on Saturday is dependent upon your Friday finish. For example, if Louisa where to beat me by 2 minutes in the classic race then she would have a 2 minute head start on Saturday. The winner is whoever crosses the line first.

Everyone is very excited about this race. However, we have a lot of work ahead of us. The conditions in the past month haven't allowed for much classic skiing at all. Therefore, that will be the focus of the week: classic technique and teaching the kids how to wax. If you or anyone you know is available to come and help at practice that would be great. We can always use more "coaches." You really don't have to know much..... Waxing is another huge issue. We have a practice bus on Thursday and I want to use it. So, we will be practicing and then returning to school for waxing. This will run into dinner time and there was talk about providing some food at school. Anyone interested in spear-heading this? On Friday the athletes will be receiving an early dismissal from school. Buses will be leaving West at 10:15 for a 12:30 start. This may sound early but we need to have time to ensure that everyone has kick. Classic races always require more time.

On Saturday Varsity and the top 100 boys and girls will move on. This means that not everyone on our team will be racing two days. However, I still hope and expect everyone to be there seeing that there will be a lot of cheering to be done! Race waxing for Saturday will happen after Fridays race before leaving the race venue. (Its supposed to be at Kincaid but if we don't get more snow it will be switched to Service) If we have to re-wax on Saturday with something faster we'll do it.

Now, here comes my shameless plug for volunteers. This past weekend was awesome and I hope we can keep that level of participation and spirit. Here are some things we need help with:

~Race waxing on Thursday. 5:15-whenever we get out of there. We are going to try and speed up the process
~Set-up, testing, waxing on Friday. Also people for the start, finish, bib hand-out, etc. Waxers will be needed as early as possible. Patrick, Louisa and I will be out there as early as nine.
~People to help race wax after the race on Friday for Saturday.
~People to help on Saturday. That race time is 10:30
~We also need some parent volunteers to ride the buses so that Louisa and I can wax test.
~People to commit to taking video and pictures during the races

There has also been talk about borrowing a Mountain Hardwear Space Station for the team. For those of you who have never seen one of these, its awesome! It's a $5,000 dollar tent and can hold approximately 40 people. Considering the cold temperatures we've had lately I really want to put this tent up as a "West warming and gathering place." Kids could leave their warm up there, go to get warm, etc, etc. If we want to do this we would need some people to volunteer to help set it up. I'll be honest, its not easy but can be done. I'm sure someone out there will want to tackle this project! If nothing else, it will make the kids feel cool and important which we all know is very important(!)

Thank you VERY much to those of you who have been helping out. I really appreciate your generosity and commitment to the team. Especially those who don't even have kids on the team. If you see Patrick Mcgownd, (Toko Rep), Paul and Rob from AMH, or Bela, the coach from last year be sure to give them special thanks. I've been getting a lot of good feedback that West is a force this year. Lets keep that up!

One last note- The spaghetti feed will be at Roz and Fiona's house on Friday night, the night after the classic race. A map with more directions will be coming home soon. Thank you very much to Jane Sauer (Max and Lex) who hosted the athlete spaghetti feed and Sam and Jackie Cason (Drew) who hosted the parent spaghetti feed last week! Last but not least to Kathy Estes who organized all the uniforms!

If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please contact either me or Jane. I'm having a hard time returning all my emails so if you email me, I'll just expect you to be there unless you have more specific questions. Thanks so much!

More to come soon,
Coach Holly

Please pass this info along to those who didn't get it!

25 December, 2004
A Merry Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or festival of choice to all.

22 December, 2004
Practise is again at 10.ooAM at Kincaid tomorrow.
The winter schedule is here.

21 December, 2004
Looks like the Ski-A-Thon was a success, thanks to everyone who collected pledges and was there. We had a pretty fair turn-out. I will post some pictures sent in by Mr. Waters soon.
Practise tomorrow (Wed) will be at Kincaid at 10.ooAM. Bring classic skis and wax if you have any.

19 December, 2004
Update from Coach Holly:

Hi All,
There are still a few hours to get some additional pledges! Family, neighbors, parent's co-workers- go hit 'em up!

So, a re-cap of tomorrow:

-Athletes should arrive at Kincaid no later than 10:45. On days without buses people have a tendency to wander in whenever they want. Please be on time tomorrow seeing that there are specific directions and we want everyone to be able to raise a lot of money. The skiing will end around 1pm. You guys should bring your SKATE skis.

-We will be having the costume contest before the ski. Go ahead and dress up for the ski! Just make sure it doesn't impede with your skiing.

-Linda Hulen will be bringing drinks for a "feed station" to put in the stadium. If any other parents/friends want to help come that would be great. I'm going to have the kids do laps through the stadium and i would like someone to be able to help keep track of how far they've gone.

-We were initially going to have a BBQ after the ski but that is cancelled. Instead, there are optional evening events. (the skiathon is MANDATORY but the evening events are completely optional)

-5pm people are meeting at Julia and Liam Mcmahon's house for caroling. (its encouraged to wear your ski team coat or hat!) -1315 Virginia ct. 277-7058

-6:30pm the "progressive party is moving to Celine Dammond's house. IF you don't want to go caroling show up here. Celine's address is 1001 West 19th Ave. 276-8844. The Dammond family is providing tortillas, beans, and ground beef. Athletes are asked to bring drinks, chips, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, dessert, etc..... at Celines we will also be having a white elephant gift exchange. If you want to participate, please bring a gift within the range of 5-10 dollars that you think others would like.

-Good job to those of you who did the Besh Cup races this weekend!

See you all tomorrow,
Coach Holly

19 December, 2004
As Coach Holly eloquently says: "GO OUT AND GET PLEDGES!"
Congrats to Anson, Otto, and Kenneth for getting the most pledges so far. The goal is 5,000 dollars.
Meet at Kincaid on Monday at around 10.45 for the Ski-A-Thon. We'll have a barbeque afterwards.
Optional caroling in the evening, followed by a burrito feed.

18 December, 2004
There are four new galleries of photos up, courtesy of Coach Holly!
Break schedules were handed out yesterday. The soonest thing coming up for most of us is the Ski-A-Thon on Monday, which is mandatory.
On the Parent's page, I posted the most recent letter from Coach Holly, with information pertaining to the Ski-A-Thon.
Lose your Ski-A-Thon form? Download and print a copy.

15 December, 2004
Skate distance / technique work tomorrow, proabably at Kincaid.
Did you collect money for the Ski-A-Thon?

14 December, 2004
If you can manage it, go skiing. Otherwise, go running.
Or you could collect money for the Ski-A-Thon.

13 December, 2004
Plan for Tuesday is classic technique.
Collect money for the Ski-A-Thon!

11 December, 2004
We'll be meeting at Beartooth for Napoleon Dynamite, showing at 5.3o. Get tickets by 4.oo or 4.3o.
We did awesomely at Service, way to go West!
If anybody has pictures, send them to me and I'll post them.
Update: I now have the highlighted results posted.

10 December, 2004
Highlighted results are up. Congratulations to all.
Bus leaves West at 8.3o tomorrow.

8 December, 2004
Boys wear shirts and ties, girls wear skirts or nice pants tomorrow.
After practise at Service, we will be waxing at school. Expect practise to go overtime. Woe be it to those of us who have a 15 page English paper due Friday.
The spaghetti feed will be at Fiona's house on Friday - the map is on the ski room door.
Don't forget about Anson's Skiathalon / Skiathon fundraiser pledge thing.
For varsity, race evaluations were due today.

7 December, 2004
E-mail from the coach is on the parent's page. Skiers should read it too; it's where it is because that's where I had room.
Still interested in photos, if anybody has any to contribute. Also, sometime in the near future, we'll be collecting mugshots for the website. If you don't cooperate, we'll post those name-recognition photos from the early November. It's your call.

6 December, 2004
Last call for team jacket orders is this week; contact Linda Hulen at 561-3798.
There are some new photos up too.
The Secret pal sign-up sheet is on the ski-room door. Cale will take it tommorrow and hand out bags Wednesday.
This week will be mostly concentrating on classic in preperation for the Lynx Loppet. On Friday, team members will probably be excused from class at around 10.oo AM.

4 December, 2004
I have the highlighted results posted. If anyone has any pictures or video, get it to me, and I'll post it.
Update: I have some pictures taken by Mr. Waters posted.

3 December, 2004
The bus leaves West at 11.ooAM on Saturday. Everybody needs to ride the bus to and from the race.
Check back here after the race for results.
We have a link to the New East High Ski Team Website.

3 December, 2004
-Unofficial practise as 12.3o at Service-
Don't ski for more than an hour.
There is still waxing at 2.3o at West, and then the spaghetti feed. I told you that it would snow on Thursday.

2 December, 2004
First post of the month! I'm so psyched!
Friday we will be waxing skis. Also, because this is the day before a race, boys must wear nice shirts and ties and girls must wear skirts or nice pants. Ignore Willy.
The spaghetti feed is at Max's house. Maps are available in the ski room. Bring food.
As far as we know, the race is still on at 1.ooPM on Saturday. The bus will probably leave West at 10.3o or 11.oo, but we'll know more tomorrow.

30 November, 2004
Sorry about the bussing fiasco today, and good work to those who managed to make it to Kincaid.
There is important information about the upcoming ski race on the Parent's Page.
Also, hopefully everybody managed to sign up for the ski buddies on the ski room door. Cale was planning on taking the sheet home today, and I don't know if there will be a chance to add more names to the list tomorrow.

Letter from Jane Sauer, 30 Nov 2004 Hello Ski Team Parents,

This is a message on behalf of Coach Holly:

This Friday's practice will be dedicated to waxing skis ... in preparation of Saturday's race. While the ski team has a few waxing benches, waxing forms and irons, in order to get 70-some pair of skis waxed within a couple hours, we are hoping to round up some more of this equipment. If you have a waxing bench and/or ski form(s) and/or waxing iron that you could spare for several hours on Friday, please bring them to the school by 2:30pm on Friday. Please tell your skier to let Holly know what you will be bringing so she will know how many waxing stations she will have on Friday. The current plan is to wax in the hallway near the ski room so any equipment can be dropped off there. (Be sure to put your name on everything so you get it back!) Also, please arrange to pick up any gear you lend us (or have your skier bring it home) at the end of practice.

Also, we could use 4-6 parents to help with Friday's waxing. You don't have to be an expert, just generally familiar with the waxing process and able to follow instructions. (We'll have "experts" there to give those instructions.) If you are able to spend an hour or so helping, please come anytime between 2:30 and 5:00 and Holly will put you to work.

For Saturday's race, Holly was hoping one of you will volunteer to be the official West "video taker." Is there anyone out there who would be willing to video our racers (i.e., not just your own child)? If so, please email or call to let me know. And, if you need a video camera, we can get you set up with one.

Also on Saturday, we might need a few extra hands to make sure all our racers are at the start line when they need to be and, especially if it is cold that day, to put blankets on the skiers after their finish and/or lead them to the warm drinks. (Only Nora Shew...Nat Wilson's mom...signed up to help at this week's race.) The racers will start in pairs, every 30 seconds, so it is important that each skier knows his or her start time and is line and ready to race at the appropriate time. If you can help Saturday, please email me.

We will also need two parents who can ride the bus from West to Service with the skiers...and back again too. Please let me know if you can ride either to or from the race on the bus that day. The bus will leave West at 11am on Saturday.

Finally, the most important support you can give is to come to the race and cheer for West (actually, for all the participants...just cheer more loudly for West)! We are hoping for a strong cheering block for our young team. Wear those lovely West colors (!!), bring your cow bells, inspirational signs, and generally be ready to show and voice your support for our West skiers! Also, please remember to take those pictures for our team scrapbook!

Thank you.

Letter from Jane Sauer, 28 Nov 2004

Hello Ski Team Parents!

Well...let's hope for snow because our first race of the season is set for this Saturday. Here is the race information....including a reminder about who signed up to bring drinks and snacks and to help at the race. I am also sending information about the Skiers' Friday Night Spaghetti Feed (which happens to be at our house this week).....AND a special "Parents Saturday Night Spaghetti Feed"! (These spaghetti feeds will be held no matter what happens with the race.)

Also, we will be placing another order for West team jackets, for delivery in mid-January. If you would like to order a team jacket for your skier, please call Linda Hulen at 561-3798 or email her at hulens@alaska.net.

Race: Saturday, December 4, at 1pm at Service High School; 5k Skate for boys; 3K skate for girls (Note that this may change due to weather; please call 277-WEST for updates)
Bus Leaves West: Skiers should verify with Coach Holly as to what time they need to be at West Saturday morning
Drinks: Jane Sauer
Snacks: Sharon Vaissiere, Beth Pope
Race Volunteer(s): Nora Shew

FRIDAY NIGHT PRE-RACE SPAGHETTI FEED FOR SKIERS AND COACHES (Skiers should bring home flyers this week with the following information)
Time: Friday, December 3, 6:00-9:00pm
Place: Max and Lex Treinen's house
1436 "O" Street; 248-0674

Directions: From West High, drive toward downtown on Minnesota, which turns into "I" Street
Turn left (west) on 13th Avenue (at light at City Market);
Turn left (south) onto L Street
Turn right (west) onto 15th Avenue
Turn right onto O Street; we are the green house, second on the left
Please Bring (By Last Names):
A - G Drink
H - N Salad
O - S Bread
T - Z Dessert

SATURDAY NIGHT POST-RACE SPAGHETTI FEED FOR PARENTS AND COACHES (Again, skiers should be bringing home flyers with the following information)
Time: Saturday, December 4, starting at 6:00 pm
Place: Sam and Jackie Cason's house (parents of Drew)
4107 Balchen Drive
Phone: 248-5928
Directions: From West High, turn west on Northern Lights, and south on Wisconsin Avenue
Turn left/east onto Balchen Drive (which would be 41st Avenue)
The house is on the right side, just as Balchen curves to the left; Gray house with red trim

The Casons will provide the "main course" (i.e., spaghetti). Please bring whatever you like....appetizer, salad, dessert, wine, beer, etc.


Thank you. Please call me, or Linda Hulen at 561-3798, if you have any questions.

Jane Sauer
248-0674 home
263-6934 work

Letter from Coach

Dear West Parents:

I would like to thank everyone who has already agreed to volunteer in some form or another. This is a big team (We have 75 on our roster this year- the biggest West team in history as far as I know!) and there are many components that go into making it successful. I have been having a great time at practice thus far- hopefully you've been getting good feedback on your end as well. I just hope the rain stops and the snow falls!

Before my shameless plug for more volunteer, I wanted to let you guys know that tomorrow, Friday the 12th we are having a waxing clinic with Patrick Mcgownd, the Alaska Toko representative. Patrick has graciously agreed to help us race wax this season which should be a HUGE help. Tomorrow, he will be talking about everything from basic waxing to more technical stuff. He's bringing a van full of stuff to show us as well. Every athlete on the team must learn how to wax their skis seeing that they will be in charge of a large portion of the race waxing. Patrick will also provide heavily discounted order forms for waxes, gloves, and poles. Parents are welcome to come to this event- I think that it will be great.

As Jane mentioned in a previous email, I am looking for volunteers to help out with coaching. With a team as big as ours, it is just too much for Louisa and I to give everyone the attention they deserve. So, we are looking for people who would be wiling to come to practice and help out. Please don't be intimidated. You don't have to be a great skier to help out! We have all levels of athletes on the team including beginners who need extra attention. Our team will be going to Kincaid three days per week, Tuesday-Thursday. Volunteers could either ride the bus with the team from West or meet us at the park.

Coming to practice isn't the only way that you can help. Thank you to those of you who have signed up to host spaghetti feeds, bring drinks to the races, etc. Now that practice has started and I'm thinking about skiing 16 hours of the day I've thought of a few more things that would be nice. If you are interested in helping out with any of the following, please contact me (or Jane)

-Ski team web site development- I would include rosters, pictures, more announcements, links, etc. [Editor's note: Please send any content you want posted to me (Nat)]
-Race videos- if you are planning on video taping any of the races please let me know. Video is a great tool for kids to watch. You see everyone but yourself ski on a regular basis. We also talked about the possibility of making a skiing video?!!!
-Scrapbook- We've had a few parents offer to turn in pictures. It would be great if we could get someone to head up the project and make an awesome West ski team scrapbook. I really want to stay on top of clipping news paper articles.
-Uniforms-Kathy, I have you down for being in charge of uniforms, do you want any help? This includes numbering them, making an inventory and helping pass them out....
-Fundraising!- Everyone's favorite. I know that Anson is heading up the Skiathalon but I've heard a few other ideas floating around. More money is always needed for the team to buy waxes, team gear, etc. This year we also really want to buy a tent (apparently every other team has one) Walkie talkies, and split machines....
-Toko order form- I need a parent who would be willing to be in charge of the Toko order form that we'll be turning in. This includes collecting and organizing orders from team members!
-Ski Room Improvement- Our wax room is small and our limited space could used more efficiently. Drew and Anson are enthusiastic about revamping it but could use some help. Right now it is complete chaos with skis, boots, poles, etc for 75 people. A large part of this would be a big trip to either goodwill or the dump. We have a LOT of old stuff that I would love to get rid of.
-More help at the race we're hosting!-West is co-hosting the Skiathalon January 29th with South. I know we have some parents signed up to help that weekend but seeing that it is our event, we will need a much higher level of participation. I want to show those other schools that we can host a fantastic race!

I know that I had a bunch of other things in mind but its late and they're escaping me right now.
However, if you don't feel as though you have time to donate, there are many things that the ski team needs. Many of these items may be in your garage collecting dust... it could be as simple as pulling it out and sending it/them with your athlete to practice:

-Any old skis, boots, or poles that you are no longer using. We have many team members who do not own their own gear. We need more to lend out. This is your change to get ride of it!!
-wax benches, forms, irons, etc.....
-duct tape
-brooms/dust pan
-filing cabinet/ folders
-old tv/vcr for viewing ski videos
-ski videos/books- or $ to purchase them. It would be cool develop a ski library where athletes could check stuff out to study up!
-snacks or practice? (frivolous, I know- but it would be nice every once in a while)

That's all that I can think of right now.

We have a wonderful group of athletes as well as parents this year and i think and hope that you will find time spent committed to helping the team fun and rewarding. The parent spaghetti fees should be a lot of fun.

Thanks so much for your support, I hope to hear from you soon!

~Coach Holly

677-7701 (h)
206-778-7083 (c)
272-1811 (w)

10 Nov Letter from Jane Sauer

Hello West Ski Team Parents,

The good news is we have a lot of kids who have signed up for the ski team!

This means that our coaches Holly and Louisa have their hands full. We are hoping to get a third coach on line soon, but in the mean time--and even after we get another coach--our coaches could REALLY use some extra help at practices. Having more adults at practice would be much better for the appx. 70 skiers too!

If you are able and willing to help, please email Coach Holly at brooksha@whitman.edu or call her at 677-7701 for more information. You don't have to be a fast skier to help!

We are hoping we can set up a somewhat regular schedule so that we can have extra help each at each practice. For example, if you could commit to coming every Tuesday, or every other Tuesday, that would be great. On the other hand, if you can only come once in awhile, or only for specific weeks, that would help too!

In general, we'd like the "assistants" to be at West by 2:30 (and ride the bus to Kincaid with the kids) but if it works better for you to meet at Kincaid at 3:00, just let Holly know.

Holly would also like to have extra "waxers" on Fridays ("wax days" )after school.... Again, please email or call Holly if you can help.


4 October Newsletter (Jane Sauer)

Dear Parents of West High Skiers:

With our first snowfall last weekend come thoughts of the 2004-05 ski season!

Just to fill you in on some ski team news:

Coach: First of all, West High has hired a head coach for this year. Her name is Holly Brooks. She is a recent graduate of Whitman College, an excellent skier with strong junior national and college results, 3-year captain of Whitman's ski team, and has had several coaching experiences. Ms. Brooks is excited to be coming to Alaska and to West High! She has been told that she will have a strong group of parent supporters to help her in her first year of coaching a high school team! We also have some strong candidates for an assistant coach(es) though that decision will not be made until a later date. Of course, we are all grateful to Coach Bela for taking on the responsibility last year and hope we will see him at races and maybe a few practices this season!

Pre-Season Meeting: A ski team parent informational meeting will be held at the West cafeteria on Thursday, October 28, starting at 6:30. Our new coach will be there, along with Paul or Ben from AMH (to talk about gear), and we will hand out season calendars. We will send more information about this meeting when the time gets closer.

Missing Racing Suits: It seems that we are short a few team racing suits. Please check your closets and drawers for any ski team racing suits that might not have been turned in. If you have one, please let me know so we can add it to our "count" and bring it to the parent meeting. And, if you know anyone who was on the team in years past, please ask if they happen to still have a West High racing suit top or bottom.

Contact Information: Finally, I am sending this email to parents from last year. Please let me know if you want to be taken off this list or if you'd like these emails to go to a different email address. Also, if you know other parents of skiers or potential skiers (i.e., freshman!), please forward this email to them and ask that they get back to me with their contact information.


THINK SNOW (at least in a couple weeks)!

29 November, 2004
The message about the race and the two spaghetti feeds from Jane Sauer is in the Parent's Page. Not my best formatting job, but it should be readable.

28 November, 2004
Thanks to everyone who showed up on Saturday, and a thousand thanks to everyone from every school that helped to shovel. Saw some West people, some Service, and some Dimond. Hope for good weather to come!
There will be a parent spaghetti feed next Saturday at 6.oo PM. Details will be on the Parent's page when they're available.

26 November, 2004
Saturday practise will be at 11.oo at the Hillside Parking Lot. We will be doing intervals. After practise, there will be a shovelling party, so bring a shovel. All the cool people do it.

25 November, 2004
Friday, Service, 10.oo, Skating.

25 November, 2004
I posted "The Fable of Judd and Celeste" here, so print it out and put it on your bedroom wall or whatever. Stay healthy!

24 November, 2004
Ugh. So they were actually serious about those intervals. Well, Thanksgiving will be painful.
Plan on practise on Friday and Saturday. Friday, we will meet at about 10.oo somewhere. Probably Service, although I'll get back to you on that. Saturday's practise will be followed by a shovel party, which is every bit as fun as it sounds. Somebody ought to bring quesadillas. And shovels.

23 November, 2004
Wow, good work today guys!
Tomorrow will be intervals, probably at Service.
After practise, the team will be going to the Beartooth for a movie at 8.oo. It would be a good idea to meet there and buy food around 7.oo.
Roz says to go. You really ought to go.

22 November, 2004
Unfortunately, because of Middle School wrestlers (They're cute, but what good are they?), we will not have a bus tomorrow. We will be doing core strength and the like around West, saving intervals for Wednesday.

18 November, 2004
Meet for practise at 10.ooAM at Service tomorrow. We will probably be doing classic technique (Oh boy!)

17 November, 2004
Time trial at Service tomorrow.

16 November, 2004
Practise will meet at 2.3o, as normal, tomorrow. We should be skating as Service.
At 6.45 in the morning, there will be circuits in the weight room.

15 November, 2004
Intervals tomorrow; probably at West, but be prepared to go to Kincaid if we get lucky.
On Wednesday, there will be circuits in the weight room as 6.45 AM. Show up.
I have an e-mail from the coach for anyone who did not get it last week. Also, I have an update from Jane Sauer pertaining to a parent meeting in early December. Check the "Parents" section.

11 November, 2004
Righto. Tomorrow's practise will include a waxing clinic with the Toko guy, and games. Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, rugby, whatever. It'll be fun.

10 November, 2004
The coaches are looking for parent help. Details are on the Parent's page.
Practise will meet at West Thursday at the normal time. The ski room closes at 2.25PM, and a bus to Kincaid will leave at 2.3oPM. Skate technique.
Lousy rain.

9 November, 2004
Team captains are Max, Cale, Fiona, and Laurel!
Tomorrow will be core strength inside followed by either a ski or a run outside.

8 November, 2004
Argh, I'm posting this so late! I'm sorry.
We are trying to get a bus out to Kincaid for Tuesday, so bring skis. I heard skate technique, but I'm not positive. There are problems with the bussing, so practise might end up at West anyway.

5 November, 2004
Looks like we're planning to meet at about noon at Kincaid for practise. It's really cold out, so dress carefully. Be ready for cassical technique.

31 October, 2004
There is now a search bar up by contact information. Search past results, news, whatever. Thanks Mike.

29 October, 2004
First practise is Monday. To work out, athlete's paperwork must be in order. The first practise is likely to be something of a team meeting, and those who have not gotten their paperwork ready are still invited to sit in.
I'm making some rather frustrating modernisations and general renovations to the website's coding (Getting intimate with Notepad...) I know that certain links in the news archive don't work, and that the weather scripts only work on the main page. If anyone notices any other problems, tell me. Thanks.

27 October, 2004
Parent's meeting Thursday, at 6.3o in the West cafeteria.
Coach Holly's contact info is now available.

24 October, 2004
I've consolidated the old results and photos here, and made some general fixes around the site. Of course, I could have created bigger problems, so if you see anything out of order, let me know.
Remember the meeting on Tuesday in Room 13.

19 October, 2004
There will be a meeting for returning and potential skiers on Tuesday, 26 October, in Rm 13 (Ms. Whaley's room) during lunch.
There are signs around school.

17 October, 2004
The new race schedule is up. Sorry that it took me a while. It's also on the school district website.

12 October, 2004
Amanda Prentke is missing her West Ski team hat. The name on the back is "Amanda." If anyone happens across it, I'm sure that she would love to know of its whereabouts.

9 October, 2004
Coach Holly Brooks sent an e-mail, reproduced here.

4 October, 2004
First post of the year! Yay!
Just some updates, courtesy of Jane Sauer:

  • We officially have Holly Brooks as a coach.
  • We have strong candidates for assistant coach.
  • There will be a pre-season meeting for parents at the West cafeteria on 28 October, starting at 6.3o PM. The coach will be there + Paul and Ben from AMH to expound upon gear. Season calendars will be handed out.
  • We need the racing suits back. If you have one, or know somebody who has one, please help us to get them back.
  • I have decreed that there will be 14 inches of snow on the night of October 23rd
The complete text of the e-mail sent by Jane Sauer is on the parent's page.

19 April, 2004
I have a photo from the end-of-season banquet. I look like such a dork. Anyway, for anyone who didn't take a picture, it's here.

17 March, 2004
Great end of season banquet last night. I suppose this is it for this year - Remember to keep in shape for next season!

15 March, 2004
The AYS skiers, bitter that they will be missing the Tuesday potluck, are setting up a "We-Missed-the-Party Party" on Thursday. There will be ice cream, a slide show, and the such. Sounds like fun; here are the details:

Come to the We-Missed-the-Party Party
Thursday, March 18th (7pm - 9pm)

- Watch the West High ski team slide show!
- Admire your friends in lycra!
- Relive the thrill of victory!
- Celebrate the start of spring break!
- Eat ice cream!

Where: Home of Anson Moxness, 1213 "S" Street
When: Thursday March 18th
What Time: After dinner - 7pm -9pm
RSVP: 277-3189 (so we know how much ice cream to get)
Why: Because it will be fun!

How do I get there?
- Drive towards downtown on Minnesota/�I� Street
- Turn left at the light on 11th Ave (Pioneer Home is on the corner)
- Turn left on �S� Street
- Continue one and a half blocks
- Left-hand side of the street (between 12th & 13th)
- Two-story brown log house with a red door

9 March, 2004
New tidbits added to the Potluck Flyer. I tried to make the file smaller than the one in the e-mail.

7 March, 2004
Thanks to all those who helped at the feed station, and congratulations to all those who raced!

6 March, 2004
The Banquet will remain on the 16th of March.

6 March, 2004
First sunny day of March was yesterday. Fun stuff -- as far as I know there were no really life-threatening injuries sustained. Ski 4 Kids was today. There were a lot of people from Romig and Dimond volunteering.
We still need as many people as we can get for the Tour of Anchorage tomorrow. See you there!

2 March, 2004
Ski 4 Kids is this weekend, and as luck would have it, West is set up to send volunteers from the ski team. The game is this: kids ski in a fun race, which includes activities such as the Slingshot Biathalon and Orienteering. These two activities are the ones West is helping at. Volunteers can show up at around 11.00AM on Saturday. The race will last until 3.00PM, so if you could stick around for two hour shifts or such it would be peachy.
Need volunteer hours for NHS? Help out here!
Feeling left out because you can't volunteer at the Tour of Anchorage? Help out here!
Have absolutely nothing else to do before The Music Man in the evening? Help out here!
More information is on the Volunteer page, or here.

By the by, I think we still need more volunteers for the Tour on Saturday. Help out, it makes money for the team, makes us look good, and gives one that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

2 March, 2004
Would anyone object to changing the Banquet date again, this time to March 17th? This is a only a possibility; nothing has been changed yet. E-mail Jane Sauer if you have any conflicts with this date.

1 March, 2004
The results from State are up - I have copies of the PDFs uploaded. These require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view; if you would prefer the HTML versions are here: http://www.nscfairbanks.net/competition/competition.html. If I have time, I will format the HTML versions and post them with West skiers highlighted. Congratualations to all the State skiers!

26 February, 2004
Later that Night....
I have some photos from the East Relay posted. Vote in the poll on the sidebar, see if it works (Ok, doesn't work yet.).

26 February, 2004
Clarification: the potluck is on Tuesday, 16 March. Sorry about a mistake in the flyer. Problem: Seems that this day is in conflict with an AYS concert, which affects several skiers.

26 February, 2004
Lost and Found: FOUND at the WORCESTER houshold, one small size beach towel w/ grey/teal/blue/pinks stripes and hibiscus floral pattern. Left at [Worcester] house after the spaghetti feedhot tubbing. Please call 248-4165 to claim towel.

24,26 February, 2004
We still need more helpers for the Tour of Anchorage Feed Station. There are additional details on the Information Page, or contact Linda Hulen for more information.

24 February, 2004
Good luck to State skiers, who are heading to Fairbanks tomorrow morning!

24 February, 2004
The End-of-Season potluck has been moved the March 16th. The place has been changed to the West Cafeteria.
Team uniforms will be collected at the Banquet. Please launder the team uniforms and pack top and bottom in separate Ziploc bags labeled with name, size and number.

22 February, 2004
Okay, we have lost items found at the Worcestor household after Friday's spaghetti feed.
One ski team vest. The tag is labelled with the initials "Lh." Perhaps this is the number 47?
A single "Primasoft" wool sock found outside on the deck. Still in good condition.
Call 248-4165 if you think one of these might be yours.
Update:The stuff was left on the waxing table at Kincaid on Saturday, and is probably in the ski room now.

21 February, 2004
Results posted. See you all later.

20 February, 2004
Results are up, sorry about the delay. Good luck tomorrow, everybody!

18 February, 2004
Information about race volunteers has now been posted. On Friday, the bus will arrive at West at 10.15 AM. Bring food. On Saturday, the bus ought to arrive at West around 8.45 in the morning, and will leave at 9.00.
It would be really great if people could be taking pictures at Regions for the website.

18 February, 2004
Information regarding this Friday's spaghetti feed at Ros and Fiona's house is now posted.

17 February, 2004
Last week of hard workout for most skiers.

10 February, 2004
Good race to everyone who participated. Thanks a lot to everyone who cheered or helped out. The course improvement since Thursday was incredible. I would also like to mention that West's team won the biggest snowball fight ever, although there ought to be a prize for anyone who can tell me what team West was fighting on.

10 February, 2004
On the information page, notes about the last regular season race can be found, along with details about both upcoming spaghetti feeds.

4 February, 2004
Thank you to Dianne Horbochuk for assisting with the spaghetti feed last week.
There's quite a bit of new information posted here. The Potluck flyer may be downloaded from the sidebar to the left.

2 February, 2004
Huge thank you from the coaches and the team to all those parents who helped at the Skiathalon.
Also, Cale has lost a pair of Excel C2 poles. They have yellow baskets, and red and black shafts.

31 January, 2004
Race results are up. Don't mind the names if they seem wrong; there are a few glitches.

30 January, 2004
(From Jane Sauer)
For those of you who signed up to help at tomorrow's race, the Nordic Ski Association asked that parent helpers meet at the timing building at 10:15am. No one is really sure how this race will go or how many volunteers we will really need so be ready to be flexible!

For those who were going to help later in the day, you can check in with those who are working the "early" shift to see if and when they want to be relieved.

And, there will be an awards ceremony following the race.


27 January, 2004
Nine additional volunteers are needed to help with the race this weekend.
3 for course set up
3 in the timing and finish area for the first half of the day
and 3 in the timing and finish area for the second half of the day.
If you can help out with any of these, contact Jane Sauer.

26 January, 2004
Right, I have information about the next race and the spaghetti feed posted in the Information Section.

26 January, 2004
There is no Chugiak race on Wednesday. Perhaps it's too icy. Too much snow? Humidity?
The race scheduled for Saturday is, however, still on. Looks like it'll be a fun little event.

21 January, 2004
Some items were found/lost at the senior breakfast last weekend. As described by April Cook:

"FOUND, in 'MOBY' (Fiona's dad's white Suburban): one eyeglass case, navy in color, w/ snap/hardshell design; 'ALASKA EYECARE CENTER' printing on out side of case."

"LOST: One headlamp, yellow in color, heavy plastic EVERREADY brand, labeled w/ 'WORCESTER.' Please return to Fiona."

"Our family enjoyed having the group over Sat. evening/Sun a.m. You are a GREAT group of young people!"

20 January, 2004
The Chugiak race has probably been rescheduled for 28 Wednesday, this month.

20 January, 2004
This is a reminder that we need parent volunteers for the West-hosted race later this month.

18 January, 2004
Good morning.
Say, if anyone has pictures from this morning, or perhaps even video clips that they would like posted, try to get them to me. I'll see what I can do.

17 January, 2004
I've got a spick of bad news: the race at Chugiak has been cancelled. Apparently, it's too cold for the race. Also, we will be taking holiday on Monday, so no practise. If you can, try to get out of skiis sometime this weekend.

15 January, 2004
We will be waxing tomorrow (Friday) at West, at 4:00 pm. Congratulations to all the skiers who have managed to come to practise over the past few days--remember the race this coming Saturday at Chugiak.

11 January, 2004
Jan Buron and the Worcester family have helped us acquire the split times from Saturday's race. Thanks a thousand! The link is directly under the normal results link. I have highlighted all the West skiers.

11 January, 2004
In regards to Pia's Classic, thank you to parents Diane Moxness, Pete Eberhardt, Wendy Buklis, Paula Cullenberg, Peter Crimp and April Cook. And, thanks to the skiers who came out and helped: Anson Moxness, Steven Buklis, Joe Bonney, Matt Crimp, Max Treinen, Nat Wilson, Cale Jorgensen, Julia McMahon, Adriana Amaya, and Shannon Kuhn. Congratulations to those who raced.

10 January, 2004
If anyone took pictures from today's race that they would like posted online, get them to me [Nat].

10 January, 2004
Race results are up. If you signed up to help at Pia's, don't forget to be at the Chalet @ 11.45 AM.

8 January, 2004
There is now a section on the sidebar relating to parent information and volunteering. Tell me if it needs to be revised or changed in any way.

7 January, 2004
The spaghetti feed prior to the Bartlett race is at Matt Pope's house at 5:30.
The address is 3940 Clay Products Drive, and I assume maps will be available at practise.
Phone # is 248-4338.
A-G brings dessert, H-N brings drinks, O-S brings salad, T-Z brings bread.
"Directions: Drive West on Northern Lights Blvd; Turn right on Telequana (Telequana is the third right past Turnagain Elementary School); Turn Left on Clay Products
3rd house on the left."

7 January, 2004
IMPORTANT! We can make some money by working at feed stations at the Pia's Classic race on Sunday. Contact Paul Denkewalter at amhpaul@yahoo.com or by calling 272-1811. We need at least 4 parent volunteers, along with 8 or so student volunteers. The time slot is 2 hours, starting at noon.
Come on guys; we made $500 last year, and that's money that can be used for waxing supplies, etc.

7 January, 2004
MacGill Adams, who has helped West with waxing and at races, is going to be helping on Thursdays as a "technique coach." Good stuff!

3 January, 2004
Break's over, and regular skiing practises are nigh on beginning again. To welcome in the New Year, we have made several small updates to the website, including the posting of a document about Achilles injuries by Jeff.

22 December, 2003
So I lied about posting the practise photos over the weekend. Tough cookies. Anyway, they're up now.

18 December, 2003
Winter Vacation Work-Out Schedule:
There will be optional* team work-outs on December 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, and 30. Meet at the Kincaid chalet at noon. Do not miss more than two days in a row.
*These are only pseudo-optional, really. Be there as often as you can.

18 December, 2003
Cool, I got William's photos. With the exception of some pics of Mason of questionable suitability (they're really gross), I will post them over the weekend.

15 December, 2003
I have posted a bus schedule, and made some fixes to the calendar.
I still need William's photos, and it would be great if anyone else has pictures to contribute.

14 December, 2003
Photos from Saturday have been posted.

13 December, 2003
Results from both Lynx Loppet races are available. On Monday we will be doing circuits at West.

10 December, 2003
Thursday will be at Kincaid, where we will work on technique. Afterwards, we will wax skiis at the school. There will also be waxing after the race on Friday.
I have a bus schedule that will be posted within the next week; I have a smidgeon too much homework to do it now. Also, if anyone sees William, bug him to get him to send the photos from the race and practise.

6 December, 2003
Race results have been posted. You can also check results at Anchorage Nordic Ski. With any luck, we might have photos from practise and today's race posted within the week.

2 December, 2003
Grethe and Max are team captains! Hooray!

2 December, 2003
Thursday will be at Service.

26 November, 2003
Heads-up from the Coach: Reminder that there is a race on Dec. 6th. There will be time trials at Service on Wednesday, next week.

26 November, 2003
Try to get out and ski a couple times this weekend, since there will be no practise.

20 November, 2003
We will now be trying to stop by Steller on the way to Kincaid on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

20 November, 2003
Next week, plan on skate-skiing.

13 November, 2003
Practise tomorrow is likely to involve waxing, so bring your skiis.

13 November, 2003
Next week, we will be trying to bus to Kincaid on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

13 November, 2003
We are on the lookout for assistant coaches. Be sure to tell anyone you know who may be able to help out.

11 November, 2003
There is practise Tuesday, 11 November, at West, at 2:00.

10 November, 2003
On Wednesday, 12 November, there with be a potluck at West at 6:00 PM.