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Top 12 Ways to Stay Healthy
for the lyrically inclined

The Fable of Judd and Celeste

by the talented Coach Louisa

There once was a skier named Judd
Now Judd was a bit of a dud
He never felt well
He usually smelled
His cerebrum was nothing but mud

A racer whose name was Celeste
Skied for a high school called West
Her times were quite quick
And she never got sick
She earned A's on every test

Judd skied in his t-shirt and jeans
Over parking lot ice he careened
He broke all his gear
and his leg and his ear
He just about ruptured his spleen

After practice Celeste changed her socks
For lunch, she ate bagels and lox
Her health made her shine
She felt better than fine
She ruled over all of the jocks

Judd coughed his way down the track
As his stomach cried out for a snack
As a Halo II geek
He slept once a week
He hurt and his muscles were slack

While Judd's feet were starting to mold,
Celeste dressed so she never felt cold
She skied many hours
And took lots of showers
Right past Judd she easily poled

Once Judd asked Celeste for a drink
She said "No! You're sick and you stink!"
He took water from Stu
Who came down with the flu
The whites of their eyes both turned pink

So please take this fable to heart
Staying well is a simplistic art
Just say no to germs
And frostbite and worms
You'll be happy and cute and real smart!!