Season 2005-2006 Race Schedule

Event Date Time Location Style Distance Host
Sat. 3 December 1:00 PM Service Freestyle B-5K G-3K Service
Lynx Loppet Fri. 9 December 12:30 PM Kincaid Classic 3K Dimond
Sat. 10 December 10:30 AM Kincaid Freestyle 5K Dimond
Sat. 7 January 11:00 AM Kincaid Skate Relay 2 x 2 x 2K Bartlett
Sat. 14 January 11:00 AM Chugiak Mass Start Freestyle B-10K G-7.5K Chugiak
Sat. 28 January 11:00 AM Kincaid Skiathalon 2K South/West
Sat. 11 February 11:00 AM East / Russian Jack Mixed Classic Relay 4 X 5K G-B-B-G East
Region IV Fri. 17 February 12:00 PM Kincaid Classic B-7.5K G-5K Dimond
Sat. 18 February 10:30 AM Kincaid Free Relay B-4 X 5K G-4 X 3K Dimond
National Bank

State Championships

Thurs. 23 February TBA Kincaid Freestyle B-10K G-7.5K TBD
Fri. 24 February TBA Kincaid Classic B-7.5K G-5K TBD
Sat. 25 February TBA Kincaid Mixed Tech. B-4 X 5K G-4 X 3K TBD

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