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Below is a list of projects related to the MSN Messenger protocol. This includes clients, server, libraries, addons, utilities, or anything else that is relevant.

Projects by Category


  • Skywing's MSN Messenger Client
    Although designed as a plugin for Skywing's multi-network BinaryChat chat project, Skywing's MSN Messenger client can be used standalone. Features include full compatibility with MSNP2 through MSNP8, logging and NAT-compatible file transfer support.
    C++ - Win32 - Closed Source

  • TjMSN [Screenshots]
    Platform independent client currently moving towards compatibility with MSN 6(Beta). TjMSNLib is currently distributed with TjMSN but will be released as a separate entity once it has reach a more complete state. Requires JRE 1.4.1.
    Java - Any Platform - GPL

  • Adium
    A multi-service IM client, currently supports both TOC2 and OSCAR (via IMService Framework). MSN service code is currently in development, as is Yahoo! Messenger support. Everything is plugin-based, resulting in one of the fastest, lightest mult-service clients around!
    Objective-C - Mac OS X (Cocoa) - GPL

  • UR Messenger [Screenshots]
    Currently doesn't support file tranfers and connection via proxy. Next version (sort of redoing the whole thing) will support MSNP Version 8, with file transfer.
    C++ - Win32 - Closed Source

  • openMSN
    An MSN Messenger clone, made in Visual Basic 6.0, with some extra features. We have skinning support, message logging and a few more things, but there isn't much more to say really x.x
    Visual Basic - Win32 / WINE - GPL

  • Gaim [Screenshots]
    A multi-platform, multi-protocol instant messenger client that supports AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber, Zephyr, Gadu-Gadu, Trepia, Napster chat, and IRC. It supports plugins for extending the core and UI functionality of the gaim, as well as providing additional protocol support and scripting language support.
    C (Plugins may be C, Perl, or TCL) - Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Solaris - GPL

  • Miranda IM [Screenshots]
    Multi-service messenger with support for MSN among others.
    C (Plugins may be any language) - Win32 - GPL

  • Kopete [Screenshots]
    A flexible and extensible multiple protocol instant messaging system designed as a plugin-based system.
    C++ / QT - Linux (All Unix) - GPL

  • jMessenger
    jMessenger is a plugin for jEdit, a free programmer's editor. Currently it uses MSNP2.
    Java - Cross Platform - GPL

  • KMess [Screenshots]
    An MSN-only client for KDE. Tries to support the MSN protocol as fully as possible but with a KDE look and feel.
    C++ (Qt and KDE libraries) - Linux, Unix - GPL

  • msnmsgr (Quetzalcoatl) [Screenshots]
    A MSN Messenger client made in XUL for cross platform-ity.
    XUL - Cross Platform (Mozilla) - Artistic

    A facility that allows messenger users to log on to messenger using a webpage, with no need to download and install a client. The source code is open to develop by invitation or request, subject to approval.
    VB/VBScript - Cross platform - Closed Source

  • XcomMSN
    A project that will produce a well written, easy to use, easy to understand Delphi client with all the features of the official cliont, including audio support.
    Delphi - Win32 - GPL/LGPL

  • MicMessenger
    Written entirely in mIRC, this is a little hobby of mine that I thought I might as well put up. It's essentially an ongoing beta. Some of the code and dialogs are not linked up and can only be accessed by typing in at the mIRC command line. Feel free to edit (try not to distribute until its fully stable) but send any code back to me. It's not exactly groundbreaking but it does what I want it to do.
    mIRC Scripting Language - Win32 - Open Source

  • Pongo [Screenshots]
    Pongo is an MSN Instant Messenger client written in VisualWorks Smalltalk. Pongo runs on Intel Linux, Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP), Mac OS X, AIX, SGI Irix, Compaq UNIX, HP-UX, and Solaris. Coolest feature: Graphs showing what times your friends are likely to be on-line!
    VisualWorks Smalltalk - Most Platforms - Artistic License

  • Mac Messenger
    With Mac Messenger, you can:
    * Connect to the MSN chat network
    * Add, remove, and block your contacts
    * Check your hotmail inbox
    * Chat with one or more people
    * Use your own fonts and colours
    * Use the original MSN emoticons, and others
    * Say something quickly with Quickpaste messages
    * Play Mac Messenger games
    * Let yourself be notified of new messages instantly in three ways
    REALbasic - MacOS 9 / MacOS X - Freeware

  • aMSN
    MSN Messenger clone geared towards Linux users mainly. Very complete features list: History, File transfers, Profiles, Animated and custom emoticons, 40 languages, multiple logins, full proxy support, autoaway messages, remote control, block detection, no censorship on nicknames, very customisable and still more.
    Tcl/Tk - Linux/Windows/Mac - GPL

  • MSNLite
    Signed applet for using MSN Service. 2 versions: JRE 1.1(AWT, for IE + Microsoft VM) and 1.2 (Swing, Sun Plug-in).
    Java - Cross Platform - GPL

  • Ayttm [Screenshots]
    Ayttm is the heir of the Everybuddy project, and aims to continue improving the program and addressing its shortcomings. Our primary goal is to provide a messenger which is :
    * simple: Ayttm should work nicely without having to first go through a complicated configuration procedure. The preferences should be simple and minimal.
    * stable: Ayttm should not crash when you use it.
    * intuitive: Ayttm should be almost instantly usable by my mother ;)
    * flexible: Ayttm supports multiple protocols and they should be supported in an integrated manner (common interface, for example), without limiting protocol-specific features support. Ayttm currently handles Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber, IRC, AIM and ICQ.
    C, C++ - Posix (Linux/BSD/WinNT+) - GPL2

  • Dave's Messenger
    Dave's Messenger is a complete replacement for MSN Messenger. I also hope to add support for Yahoo Messenger, AIM and ICQ. Features include multiple account support, contact renaming, contact nickname truncation, remove detection, automatic reconnection, custom alerts, resumable file transfer (between compatible clients), prevention of worms that spread via Messenger. See for more features. Your feedback would be appreciated.
    VB .NET (.NET Framework 1.1 required) - Win32 (except 95) - Free

  • Blobsy: Open Source Bot
    Homepage of Blobsy open source PHP based MSN Messenger bot framework. Bot functions extensible with function script files. Working demo at
    PHP - All - Open Source

  • JChatMSN [Screenshots]
    JChatMSN is a MSN Messenger plugin for the JChatIRC software.
    Java - All - GPL

  • Universal Instant Messenger
    PlanetaMessenger is a instant messenger fully written in java, with plugin support and with plugins coded to support all networks, like, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and ComVC.
    Java - Independent - Open GPL/LGPL

  • Trinity Messenger Protocol [Screenshots]
    Multi-service messenger with support for AIM, AOL, IRC, MSN and TMP. Supports connections to multiple services at the same time. Fully customizable skins and sound themes along with multiple user and auto-login features. Support for 62+ emoticons and includes built-in popup block, media player, weather checker, http server, and more.
    Visual Basic 6.0 - Win32 - Closed Source

  • MSN2Go
    MSN2Go is the world's first free web-based MSN client to be created in the form of a Java applet. MSN2Go is not just another HTML/JavaScript hybrid, but a true Java applet that works equally on any Java-enabled browser. This means no pages refreshing whenever a user changes status, no JavaScript kludges, and no DHTML glitches and artifacts.
    Java applet - Any, Web-based - Unknown

  • qmsn
    A fully web-based MSN messenger client
    PHP - All - GPL

  • M2 Messenger [Screenshots]
    Supported InterOp with AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Yahoo!. Skinable user interface. M2 has state-of-the-art audio and video technology. M2 allows you to messaging with your friends, who using M2 in secure mode. Supported native AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Yahoo file transfer. M2 allows you to share files and folders between you and your friends who use M2 software and more other usefull fetaures. For more information visit:
    C++ - Win32 - Closed Source

  • Regnessem [Screenshots]
    One of the most popular multi-account/multi-protocol instant messsaging client for Windows in Japan. It is free and developed under a BSD-like open source license. Its notable feature is the flexible plugin system which enables you to connect various instant messaging services (currently MSN by default, ICQ and Yahoo! by contributed plugins, AIM is under development). Since UI is also realized by a plugin, you can change not only skins but also UI system itself. Supporting Unicode multi-languages. Please see official web site for details.
    Delphi - Win32 - A BSD-like open source license

  • Web Messenger (
    Client in Web environment, without downloading any plugin. Test it wherever you are, from your office or your home, without any configuration. Html-JavaScript-Java
    Java-HTML-JavaScript - All Plataforms - License Unknown

  • CLMsn
    CLMsn is a java command-line msn client.  Its goal is to provide basic msn functionnalities even on non-GUI platforms.
    Java - All Platform supporting java - GPL

    Welcome to - Microsoft MSN Messenger compatible web based client. It allows you to have conversations with friends and co-workers at any computer with internet access. messenger works even in secured networks that restricts using of regular MSN Messenger.
    Java - Unix - Closed Source

  • TMSNC - Textbased MSN Client [Screenshots]
    TMSNC is a MSN client written in C. It is an opensource project which is released under the IR Public Domain License which basically is a modification of the BSD license. The application should support most of the operations that the original client supports. The reason why we decided to start this project is that now there is no client for Unix and clones that doesn't require Xfree86 to be running. We feel that the simplicity of a textbased interface is much nicer than a graphical interface.
    C - Linux/BSD/MacOSX - IR Public Domain License

  • PixaMSN
    Tiny MSN Messenger clone with only basic features. It's a small executable which requires no installation and saves absolutely nothing to hard disk or registry. Perfect for carrying on a floppy or an USB drive!
    Delphi - Win32 - Closed Source

  • Licq
    Multiple protocol client. Version 1.3.0 supports ICQ and MSN. This has been developed for many years and has been the only choice for many, including me.
    C++ - Unix - GNU GPL

  • gtmess [Screenshots]
    gtmess is a console MSN Messenger client for Linux and other Unix systems that conform to the POSIX standard. It supports the MSNP9 protocol version. Apart from the basics (file transfers and chat windows), it offers full unicode (UTF-8) support and introduces some advanced features like spoofing the typing user. A transparent HTTP gateway is also included.
    C - POSIX (Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS, etc.) - GPL

  • LSN Messenger [Screenshots]
    Lmsger is a developing Instant Messaging program on the MSN Messaging network programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic using the MSNP10 protocol. It sports a MacOS Interface and support for Display Pictures, HTML Messaging and emoticons, User management. This is an early pre-release demonstrating some of these features and may or may not reflect on the final version of Lmsger.
    Visual Basic 6 - Windows - Closed Source, Free

  • TMSNC [Screenshots]
    TMSNC is a MSN client written in C. It is an opensource project which is released under the IR Public Domain License which basically is a modification of the BSD license. The application should support most of the operations that the original client supports. The reason why we decided to start this project is that we didn't know of any clients for Unix and clones that don't require Xfree86 to be running. We feel that the simplicity of a text-based interface is much nicer than a graphical interface.
    C - Linux / BSD / Mac OS X - IRPDL

  • QuickIM MSN Messenger for Mobile Phones [Screenshots]
    QuickIM is a MSN compatible instant messaging client for mobile phones. It supports most of the PDA / mobile phones platforms.
    Java, C - Symbian, Palm OS, J2ME, BlackBerry - Closed Source

  • Scooper's Messenger [Screenshots]
    It's a very light msn client which support chat and smiley the source code can be used to see how make a connection to msn server
    VC++ 6.0 - Windows - Open Source

    MSNCP is a complete client for the MSN network. It doesn't require any installation and features a Curses interface. For MSN protocol it uses the msnlib library by Alberto Bertogli.
    Python - Any - GPL

  • Mercury [Screenshots]
    Mercury is a multiplatform MSN Messenger client based on Java. It has a lot of functions like webcam, winkks, wizz, etc.
    Java - Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD - Closed Source

Addons / Modifications For Official Client

  • Chatterbox
    Chatterbox is the Open Source Perl Messenger Bot. It has some pretty cool features, like: A competition, a Chatroom, Repuation and your own Notebook! Add it on!
    Perl - Linux and [sometimes] Windows - PHP License

  • Tiger 0.0.1 for msn enables msn msgr access AIM/ICQ
    Tiger for msn intercepts all msn OC's network stream, like what proxy does. So for OC, tiger is M$ server.
    C++ - Win32 - Closed source


  • Skywing's MSN Messenger Client for IIS
    An ISAPI extension DLL designed to allow queries about the on-line state of principals without having to divulge their email addresses.
    C++ - Win32 / IIS - Closed Source

  • Wox Messenger Service
    A service to hook up to several solutions (web / forums / sms / mms / wap) to connect to the MSN network (2way communication). Mostly used for notifications of events like reply on your posts in a forum, Office notification + More. Based on the dotMSN library.
    C# - Win32 (.NET) - Closed Source

  • SDBA Revolution IM Application Server
    * Just like web server scripting, especially PHP or mod_perl
    * Allows scripting of IM responses/pages
    * Uses code tags <% %> to allow interspersed code/plain text
    * Drop-in pages, real-time changes without restarting server
    * Supports multiple applications per server
    * Code can be written using all the powers of Perl
    * Wide range of pre-set variables available
    * Tracks user sessions, with configurable timeout
    * Allows session variables across responses/pages
    * Easily expandable with useful functions
    * Supports any number of access lists for basic security
    * VERY easy to write sophisticated, useful, and intuitive apps
    * Currently supports MSN, AIM, ICQ, YIM, and Jabber
    Perl - Cross Platform - Apache License

  • JnrzLoader
    A small utility to load many instances of the official client at once.
    Assembler - Win XP - Source on request

  • 2K3Bot (2003Bot)
    This is a bot you can connect to through MSN by adding "" to your forward list. You can (this is not the full list): play TicTacToe, HangMan and Guess The Number, Check the world news and 'internet' news, Google (top 5 results are being sent to you), Get the time, some stats etc.
    Visual Basic - Cross platform - Closed source

  • Mancontr's Checker [Screenshots]
    This little tool allows you to see if anybody is online(in this case, see his lag&nick) or offline, even if is blocking you; to see every of your lists(FL,AL,RL,BL) and to see wich contacts have deleted you from their contacts; and see the nicks, phones,... of your contacts. It uses MSNP10, and can do the SSL login in nexus & redirect, or use directly the correct server (or any you want). By Mancontr.
    Visual Basic - Windows - Closed Source

  • Messenger Geeks
    An ongoing project, always thinking up new scripts. Compatible with lastest protocol. Few bugs. Planning to adapt to user downloadable Visual Basic scripts.
    PHP/CURL - All / Web - Closed Source

  • DestructiveChild
    Destructivechild is an interactive chat robot giving users the ability to play games, interact with users, create chatrooms, polls, search google, advertise their websites and MUCH more! Add it at now!
    Perl - Linux - Unknown License

  • Brave Bot [Screenshots]
    Brave Bot is an interactive chat robot giving users the ability to play games, interact with users, advertise their websites and MUCH more!And best of all, Is online 24/7 so if your online with no thing to do, no friends online you may chat to him. Add it at now
    Perl - -

  • Secure MSN Chat [Screenshots]
    This is an MSN client which can encrypt a conversation (uses RSA and 3DES).  The GUI is lacking but the guts are there.  Feel free to use the source code if you'd like.
    MS VC++ 6.0 - Win32 - GPL

  • MSN Block Checker
    This website allows you to check the online presence of people... You can check several contacts in one time, save your list. It also show the display name if the personn is online. For better results, 2 differents checker are used : OSI and mine.
    PHP / Python - All - None

  • GoRm BoT
    GoRm BoT is a php MSN bot, with Artificial Intelliegence. To speak to it, or use some of it's commands, then add to your contact lists.
    php - All - Unknown License

  • EmeEseEne
    EmeEseEne is a spanish project for make a perl messenger client for "konsole" principaly in the Linux plataforms.
    Perl - Linux/Windows - GNU/GPL

  • Personal Messenger [Screenshots]
    Personal Messenger is a FREE Windows software designed to run in your own computer as a MSN Messenger client and a Wireless Village Server to connect your mobile device (cell phones, etc) via GPRS.
    VB - MS Windows - Freeware - Closed Source

  • Msn Status Change [Screenshots]
    Msn Status Change Allows You To Control Your Msn Status. It Also Can be Used for A Msn Status Bomb.
    VB6 - Windows (?) - Unknown License

  • ScriptersMOO [Screenshots]
    Add to your MSN contact list. A virtual world... via MSN Messenger. ScriptersMOO a network accessible, multi-user, programmable, interactive system well-suited to the construction of text-based adventure games, conferencing systems, and other collaborative software. Its most common use, however, is as a multi-participant, low-bandwidth virtual reality environment with extensive chat and build functions.
    MOO - Linux - Partly Closed

  • PHP MSN client
    THIS IS AN UNFINISHED SCRIPT FOR LEARNING PURPOSE the main thing it does is connecting to the msn server and then connect to the password nexus when done all that it gets your msn list and changes your status
    PHP - All -

  • eBOT
    eBOT is a adavanced bot capable of sending/recieving ink, obtaining your ip two ways (Audio, FileTrans) and much more. Address:
    Perl - Windows/Linux - Closed Source

  • ttRobot [Screenshots]
    ttRobot is an interactive chat robot maker for Microsoft MSN Messenger, it gives you the ability build your own MSN Messenger robot to share or distribute information with your friends and customers. ttRobot supports standard MSN Messenger protocol, can transfer general messages and files. It also supports plugins, with this function, ttRobot can get messages from your database system, and furthest meet your requirement.
    Win32 - Win32 - Commercial

  • MessengerResponse [Screenshots]
    With MessengerResponse you are able to auto answer any message that you will receive with Microsoft Messenger while you are away from your computer - automatically.. MessengerResponse will log into your MSN messenger account after you have been idle for eg. 5 minutes. When a message is reciveded, MessengerRespond will seach a textfile for a proper answer. You will define your own sentences or words that MessengerResponse will react on and of course the answers. Use dotMSN library by Xih Solutions
    VB.NET - Windows - Freeware - Closed Source

  • MSN Agent Detector
    MSN Agent Detector is a smart tool for MSN Messenger which is able to tell you interresting information about your .Net Passport (MSN Messenger) contact list: * Who Deleted Me? (The list of contacts which are on my contact list and not on theirs) * Deleted Who? (The list of contacts which aren't on my contact list but I am on theirs)
    Java - All - Closed Source

Libraries / Modules

  • Libcurl
    libcurl is a free and easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library. You can use it for HTTP proxies and passport authentication. Bindings exist for 20 different programming languages, and it runs on at least 20 different operating systems.
    Multilingual - Multiplatform - MIT-style

  • WinInet
    Microsoft's Internet Programming library for protocols like FTP and HTTP, available in all versions of Windows. You can use this for HTTP proxies and passport authentication. MFC wrappers are available here, and a programming guide is available here.
    C/MFC - Win32 - Closed Source

  • WinHTTP
    Microsoft's HTTP library. Though not as widely supported as WinInet, it's nicer to program in for the purposes of MSN Messenger.
    C - Win32 - Closed Source

  • Skywing's WinInet wrapper for Passport
    Skywing has made public a collection of functions to do Passport authentication using WinInet.
    C++ - Win32 - Public Domain

  • Expat
    Expat is an XML 1.0 parser written in C. It aims to be fully conforming. It is currently not a validating XML processor. XML is increasingly being used in MSN Messenger. A guide to programming with Expat is available here.
    MFC - Win32 - Closed Source

  • FirstFloor.Msn [Screenshots]
    FirstFloor.Msn implements the MSNP chat protocol in an easy to use and powerful object model for the .NET platform. The object model provides all functionalities for an application that requires integration with an MSNP chat network like the Msn Messenger network. FirstFloor.Msn is fully managed code written in pure C# utilizing the full power of the .NET platform.
    C# - Win32 (.NET) - Commercial

  • dotMSN
    dotMSN is a class library to make use of the MSN Messenger Service. The library is built in C# and can therefore be used by all languages the .NET environment supports. The library is easy to use because of a clean object oriented approach which is offered by a modern language like C#. You can use this library for example to create MSN bots or for use in already existing applications who need to communicate through the Messenger service.
    C# - Win32 (.NET) - Closed Source

  • is an implementation of the MSN instant messaging protocol in the Python programming language. This pure Python package makes it extremely easy, quick, and efficient to build applications that need to interact with the MSN messaging service.
    Python - Cross Platform - GPL

  • libmsn2
    libmsn2 is an MSN Messenger client library written by Meredydd Luff. It's very stable, and used in many clients (for example, Everybuddy). Unfortunately, the website linked above is down as often as it's up.
    C++ - Linux / Win32 - GPL

  • libmsn3
    libmsn3 is a ground-up rewrite of libmsn by Andrew Sayers. It aims to be secure and fast enough to use in server environments. At present, it's still in the development stage, and isn't ready for primetime.
    C - Cross Platform - GPL

  • Net-Msmgr
    Pure Perl module for the MSN Messenger protocol. Development Platforms are Perl 5.6.1 (sun4-solaris); Perl 5.6.0 (i386-linux); and Perl 5.6.1 (i386-freebsd).
    Perl - POSIX - Perl Artistic License

  • JMML MSN Library
    JMML is a powerfull MSN library, developed and used by universal client.
    Java - Platform Independent - Open GPL/LGPL

  • netMSN
    netMSN is another MSNP8 library in .NET platform which is still in its very very young stage. The library is open source which means others can participate in fixing its bugs and improving its features quicker and also provide a good documentation for it because right now, there is no documentation.
    VB.NET - .NET - Open Source

    MFC DLL Project-Just a MSNP9 Protocol Stack DLL for message driven programming. Login/Buddy/Chat/User Emoticon/Display Picture/Chatting Background Image/File Transfer support. Launch at May, 2004
    C++ - Win32 - Unknown License

  • libmsn
    libmsn is the official successor to Meredydd Luff's libmsn2.  It has been refactored to have a more consistent, object-oriented API, and has had several major bug fixes.  It is being actively developed and maintained by Mark Rowe.
    C++ - Cross Platform - GPL

  • LionKnight Instant Messaging Suite
    MSN Compatible Client and Server. Client available as Delphi components or ActiveX. Server available as stand alone application. Server can be modified by LionKnight for customized applications.
    Delphi - Delphi and ActiveX - Commercial


  • Talk To The Nose
    TTTN is an MSN Messenger compatible server written in Java. It requires a Java VM of at least version 1.2. It supports a number of databases, but also comes with an embedded DB so you don't need to install one.
    Java - Cross Platform - LGPL

  • openMSN
    Our server is closed source (kinda a personal project of mine, so far no help from koppit). It will use MS-SQL to store profiles and such. For now it only supports MSNP7 but im going to continue with it untill its finnished before adding MSNP8 and 9 support. It consists of 3 programs whcih are to run on seperate machines, although they can be run on one machine, if there are more than like 1000 people on it at once i predict it could get a little slow.
    Visual Basic - Win32 - Closed Source

  • MSN Open Talk Service [Screenshots]
    MSN Open Talk Service is an open framework to build customer MSN Messenger robots. It provides simple and quick interface to develop your own chat robot extension. MSN Open Talk Service runs as a Windows service. You can provider to your clients unlimited services such as automatic chatting, remote controlling, message broadcasting. It is also a "service" which does not need a Internet accessible server or IP, which may be restricted in many places.

    MSN Open Talk Service 提供一个MSN Messenger聊天机器人的开发平台,在此平台上可以快速开发自己的机器人应用。平台提供了简单快捷的配置接口和随意扩充的外接程序加载方案。MSN Open Talk Service 以Windows服务的形式运行在计算机后台,通过扩充应答的内容,可以实现对话、远程控制、广播消息等多种功能,并且可以不断扩充。它也是一种不需要服务器的服务方式,不需要计算机有公网的IP和端口,只要机器连在网上,就能向全世界提供服务。
    VB.Net - Windows, .Net Framework - Close Source

  • ILoveIM is a web application that allows you to stay connected with your favorite Instant Messenger almost anywhere. You need a computer with just a browser only. There is no need to download and install any software or Java plug-ins into your computer to use Web Instant Messenger. provides friendly, light and very easy to use web-based interface with almost all core features from the original MSN Messenger.
    Java - Any OS - Closed Source

  • PyMSNt
    A gateway allowing users of the Jabber ( IM system to communicate with MSN users.
    Python - Linux, Win32, OSX - GPL

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