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Below is a list of links to other websites related to the MSN Messenger protocol.


  • MSN Messenger's homepage
    Main site for the MSN Messenger program

    News and discussion site for Messenger programming

  • - MSN Messenger Center
    News and discussion site for Messenger users

    Huge collection of Msn programs, bots, skins, avatars and etc...

  • Blobsy: Open Source Bot
    Homepage of Blobsy: open source PHP based MSN Messenger bot framework. Bot functions extensible with function script files. Working demo at

  • The Communicator
    An enhanced Instant Messenger for use within Visual Studio.NET 2003 (currently). Gives the developer the ability to share code instantly, see the features list on site for more info.

  • Laffer
    Laffer is web IM client and IM proxy. Currently can work with ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and AIM networks. Laffer is licensed under GNU GPL license.

  • Mess with MSN Messenge
    MSN Messenger emoticons, skins, nicknames, addons, display pictures, secret tips tricks and news. Daily updated since 2001! The original MSN Messenger fansite :)

  • TalkAlotBot Homepage
    AI Chat bot with MANY commands! A must have MSN contact. Add its email:

  • Messenger Sh*t
    Your source for MSN Stuff and news

    MSN Messenger Emoticons

  • Tha Meulbot
    Tha Meulbot is a complete dutch talking msn bot. It has a lot of commands. Add and start talking....

  • Online Blockchecker
    A Online MSN Messenger Blockchecker in PHP. If contact is online you get their nickname as well

  • MSN Block Checker
    An online status and display name checker in PHP/Python. You can check several contacts at the same time.

  • Web Messenger
    Web Messenger. Forget the firewalls, port 80. For all Plataforms an any Browser.

  • MSNImagine
    French site about MSN Messenger. Tips, free avatars, backgrounds...

  • MSN DX
    A third-party MSN client for mIRC

  • Messenger Emoticons
    Free messenger emoticons

  • Gratis Emoticons
    Gratis emoticons

  • MSNMIRC ( MSN Messenger client for mIRC )
    A multilingual MSN Messenger client for mIRC, it uses MSNP9. This addon will only work on mIRC version 6.11 and above because of the file handling. This client is multilingual very customizable, and also contains a complete help file in French and in English. For any information on how to load it and use it, please refer to the readme.txt included in the package. The addon supports file receiving (in development), multiusers conversation, emoticons, customizable conversation themes, many languages, and a lot of other functions.

  • BitlBee: An IRC to other chat networks gateway
    For the people who prefer their IRC client instead of the currently available MSN-clients, there is BitlBee. BitlBee simulates a regular IRC server/channel and puts all your MSN (and ICQ, Jabber, AIM or Yahoo!) buddies in it. Unlike most other solutions, BitlBee works with every IRC client.

  • Live Bot list
    Keep track of live MSN bots

  • E-Messenger
    Online web messenger.

  • Dedicated Microsoft Technologies
    French language : Site dédié aux technologies : Microsoft & tiers produits

  • Free emoticons for MSN Messenger
    We specialise on online expression solutions so visit our site and you'll find heaps of cool emoticons - free! Keep a look out for an emoticon revolution with the release of the MSN Messenger 7.0 public beta. Heaps more fun to come.

  • phpMyBlockchecker- OpenSource
    OpenSource Blockchecker for PHP/MySQL

  • DotMsn
    A Great class libreary new host and domain

  • Shararat-Almost Everything
    MSN Messenger Beta/Final Versions...Addons, Bots, and lots more to do

  • MSN2GO -> Java Applet Client
    Free java based client (hope to receive some funding to continue operating...).

    Your One Point for all MSN Messenger Needs...

  • Messenger United - Where MSN Messenger addicts unite!
    Display Pictures, Emoticons, Backgrounds, Bots, Addons and more. Our website is constantly updated by our team and many users with the latest news, information and resources. If you feel there is something we have missed out on we will gladly accept your submissions. We also have a community forum which is full of interesting and informative posts from our many users.

  • NewBestWeb.Com
    MSN, YAHOO, ICQ, AOL/AIM block checkers, 100% and all the times are working for every one. Just visit. Thanks

  • MSNHeaven.Com
    A Heaven on the MSN Messenger World.

  • Messenger Blog
    The best place to come to get the latest on instant messenging.

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